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Services Lion Automotive Can Perform

Lion Automotive can perform a full range of car service and automotive repair tasks such as Air Conditioning, Auto Electrical, Brake & Clutch, Crash Repairs, Diesel Repairs, EFI, Engine Recon, Mobile Repairs, Vehicle Inspections, Smash Repairs & Paintwork, Towing Service, Tyres, Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing. 

We offer a pick up & delevery service and can also undertake a 150 point vehicle inspection of your car and all of our work is covered by the comprehensive Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty.  Our Repco Auto-Tech trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair across all makes and models of motor vehicles.


Air Conditioning Service

Lion Automotive have ARC Authorisation (AU38592) to carry out responsible and environmentally safe Car Air Conditioning Service in and around Campbellfield VIC.

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Automatic Transmission Service

Includes Fluid Change & Filter

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Brake Drum Service

Includes Machining of Drums & Shoe Replacement

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Brake System Flush

Includes System Check

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Cooling System Service

Includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor

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Disk Brake Service

Includes Machining and Disc Pad Replacement

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Engine Diagnostic Check

Uses specialised scan tool where required

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Standard Services

Minor Service and Vehicle Inspection
Major Service and Vehicle Inspection
Log Book Service

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Tune Up

Includes injector clean as required and 65 Point Vehicle Inspection 

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Wheel Alignment

Including Suspension test report

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4WD Service

You should only trust a mechanic experienced in 4WD service to work on your four-wheel drive, especially if you are thinking of adding any modifications...

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Car Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service in Campbellfield , ARC Approved Car Air Conditioning Servicing reduces Fuel Costs and protects your health. So keep your cool this summer with an Air Conditioning Service in Campbellfield from Lion Automotive...(AU38592)

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Tyre & Wheel Service in Campbellfield

High quality, good condition tyres are an important part of the ‘Safety Triangle’ of Shock absorbers, brakes and tyres. As their main role is keeping your car in contact with the road they play a vital role in the stopping power of your car. Lion Automotive are tyre & wheel professionals…

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Specialist Car Services